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Founder, Managing Director and driving force behind the company.

“Personalities are shaped not by what someone says, but by what he does and achieves.”

Albert Einstein

This small company - “small is beautiful” - was founded more than 20 years ago by Knud Hartung, who has a diploma in construction engineering and qualifications in real estate management (ebs) and financial mediation (IHK - Chamber of Trade and Industry). Since then, it has successfully carved out a niche for itself and has demonstrated its qualities for the benefit of family businesses and private investors, on the one hand, and major groups like Daimler, Siemens and Telekom, on the other.

Making a meaningful contribution.

Knud Hartung’s qualifications combine the technical expertise of an engineer with the market knowledge of a man who is himself active in the real estate business and has built up valuable intensive contacts over the years.

His business associates and clients value his communication skills as much as his sharp intellect, and they appreciate the approach of a businessman who comes up with creative solutions and at the same time knows what is economically feasible.

Building bridges.

Hartung reconciles people and attitudes. As a financial mediator (IHK), he can put these skills to good use, not only for the benefit of his clients, when he is called upon to mediate between conflicting parties in real estate and infrastructure projects.
Knud Hartung also supports contemporary artists and integrates their perspective in his work by incorporating art into building projects.
He organises exhibitions and provides artists with platforms on which to present their work to a broader public.

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Knud Hartung and ARGE IMMO: a history.

2007 – present

We are mediators in real estate and infrastructure projects.

1987 – present

Transactions and rental activities of ARGE IMMO

Assisting with conveyanced sales amounting to some EUR 390 million and arranging rentals in more than 50 properties ranging in size between 500 and 10,000 m² rented floor area

from 1993 – 1998

Selected projects:

  • Analysing the existing situation, planning new service packages for the future and implementing those services for the infrastructure units of the German sales divisions of Siemens AG and Daimler Chrysler AG
  • Developing “Vision 2005” on the subject of Facility Management for Siemens AG
1998 - 2000

Project development and planning

  • In the context of the investor competition for the MK5 on restructuring the Theresienhöhe area of Munich: award of the contract by the Bavarian capital and sale of the project development work to the later user (project volume approx. 115 million EUR)

Real estate valuation, risk management and sales

  • Advising various banking institutions on the subject of risk management (e.g. Bayerische Handelsbank, throughout Germany)
  • Disposing of properties belonging to banks (e.g. Bayerische Handelsbank, throughout Germany)
2000 - 2002

Planning and implementing a development project in Munich

  • Together with a partner: purchasing, developing and letting the premises at 52 Maximilianstrasse, Munich

Additional activities,
Further raining

Member of the Board of Management of the Deutscher Verband für Facility Management e.V. (GEFMA e.V. - German Facility Management Association) from 1989 – 1994,

including as Chairman of the Board from 1990

Numerous lectures on topics relating to facility management and asset management for various organisers

Course on Real Estate Management at the European Business School in Oestrich-Winkel, qualification: Qualified Real Estate Manager (ebs)

Business mediator (EUCON) and mediator at the IHK Feldkirchen / Westerham Chamber of Trade and Industry